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Over the years, Dr. Ruth has been asked many questions about her diet and lifestyle.  This has given life to "Ask Dr. Ruth": a section of the website chronicling some of the many questions asked of her. Feel free to peruse past Q & A's and if you have a question that isn't listed here, you can submit it to Dr. Ruth using the form below.  She replies to all questions happily, free of charge, and as promptly as possible.

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Vegan Diet and Fibroids

Dear Dr. Ruth, Are there any studies showing reduction or elimination of fibroids using vegan diets?  I have several large fibroids and have had 3 miscarriages in the past 1.5 years.  I am willing to try a vegan diet if it will help me in any way. The problem is that I am not veryContinue Reading

Mastectomies (Cont.)

(For reference, here is the original Mastectomies post with Dr. Ruth’s reply.) Dear Dr Ruth, Hello! I thank you so much for the inspiration I have gleaned from your shining example. I appreciate your personal account of mastectomy and reconstruction. Although I had no other choice, submitting to the knife was the hardest thing I have everContinue Reading

Thanksgiving Thank You

Dear Dr Ruth, We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe (I am writing from Luxembourg, though originally am from Lithuania), but the idea of this holiday (the giving of thanks part) is truly beautiful. And we all should have as many beautiful things in our lives as we can fit in. So I thought: I willContinue Reading


Dear Dr Ruth, There I was lying awake in bed last night mulling over this issue of losing my breast and fearing horribly painful surgeries. Then I found your message in my Inbox! Perfect timing.  I am so touched by your help! I really appreciate your wealth of knowledge and experience, especially with regard to breast implants.Continue Reading

Top 5 Reasons To Be Vegan

Hi Dr. Ruth! My name is Sara P. and I am a junior at an all-girls high school, Harpeth Hall, in Nashville, TN. In my AP Lang and Comp class, we are studying food issues and are each completing a paper on a food issue we feel most passionate about. I have decided to writeContinue Reading

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