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Over the years, Dr. Ruth has been asked many questions about her diet and lifestyle.  This has given life to "Ask Dr. Ruth": a section of the website chronicling some of the many questions asked of her. Feel free to peruse past Q & A's and if you have a question that isn't listed here, you can submit it to Dr. Ruth using the form below.  She replies to all questions happily, free of charge, and as promptly as possible.

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Calcium/bone loss and THANK YOU for your NEW book

Dear Dr. Ruth, Thank you for the new book. I’ve been waiting for it to come out. It is encouraging to me. You’re kinda one of my heros and think of you as a mentor. Question: I have a friend in her early 70s. Her doctor wanted her to take some shot 2x a yearContinue Reading

Transitioning to a Vegan Diet

Dear Dr. Ruth, Do you still maintain a vegan diet all the time and would you recommend switching totally to a vegan diet all at once or attempt a gradual change?  Thank You. ~ ~ ~ Thanks for your questions because they are the easiest ones I’ve had in a long time! My answer’s anContinue Reading

Struggles going Meatless

Dr. Ruth, I was a US Navy Diver, EOD blow em up, jump out of planes etc. etc. etc.  I had a friend who was a vegetarian and seemed to do ok.  I tried many times to go meatless, I even learned to turn down barbeques and such with friends.  However, it became plain toContinue Reading

Vegetarianism: Myths and Realities

(The following are excerpts from a talk given in 2003 to a group of Hawaii dietitians.)  Question #1:  Are there better health implications with a vegetarian diet versus a diet that consists of lean meats? Dr. Ruth: Yes, there are a number of long-term, large-scale studies that show that a vegetarian diet is healthier as measuredContinue Reading

Fish and Fibromyalgia

Dear Dr. Ruth, My question: I listened to your program on the radio this past Sunday & you were talking about poisoning from fish which contributes to fibromyalgia (FMS). I was diagnosed with FMS in 1999. Could you tell me more about this?  What kind of poisoning is it?  How does one get tested forContinue Reading

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