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Over the years, Dr. Ruth has been asked many questions about her diet and lifestyle.  This has given life to "Ask Dr. Ruth": a section of the website chronicling some of the many questions asked of her. Feel free to peruse past Q & A's and if you have a question that isn't listed here, you can submit it to Dr. Ruth using the form below.  She replies to all questions happily, free of charge, and as promptly as possible.

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Dear Dr. Ruth, I want to try the natural progesterone cream, but my doctor says that blood tests show that the progesterone doesn’t get absorbed. He also hasn’t heard of saliva tests as being a more accurate measure of progesterone absorption. How does the progesterone get into the saliva?  Thanks for your time, A.C. ***Continue Reading

Raw Food Diet, Aging and Skin Care

Dear Dr. Ruth, Saw your website and was wondering why you switched to an all raw diet. This is ideal but I tend to crave sturdier food in the winter months. Also, I was wondering what aspects of aging have you accepted. I am 44 and I run at least 5 days a week, thoughContinue Reading

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