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Mastectomies (Cont.)

(For reference, here is the original Mastectomies post with Dr. Ruth’s reply.)

Dear Dr Ruth,
Hello! I thank you so much for the inspiration I have gleaned from your shining example. I appreciate your personal account of mastectomy and reconstruction. Although I had no other choice, submitting to the knife was the hardest thing I have ever done. But the tumor was large with two smaller satellites and the breast was extremely small. I am doing really well and feeling great after a simple mastectomy (which means NO lymph node removal per Dr. McDougall) Nov. 25th. Thank you so so much for educating me about natural progesterone cream which I chose over radiation, chemotherapy or hormone therapy. Always vigilant with diet, exercise and attitude, I ask myself: “What would Dr. Ruth do?”



(For reference, here is the original Mastectomies post with Dr. Ruth’s reply.)

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