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Top 5 Reasons To Be Vegan

Hi Dr. Ruth!

My name is Sara P. and I am a junior at an all-girls high school, Harpeth Hall, in Nashville, TN. In my AP Lang and Comp class, we are studying food issues and are each completing a paper on a food issue we feel most passionate about. I have decided to write a paper on the benefits of veganism. I became a vegan myself after watching Forks Over Knives and doing in-depth research! Your story is incredible and I have incorporated you and your inspiring messages from your books into my paper. I was wondering if I could have a quote from you on your top 5 reasons to become a vegan. Thanks for all you are doing for the veg-community!




Dear Sara,
Well, here they are! It took a while because there are so many reasons for a vegan diet and I had trouble getting it down to just five. I think, however, these may be the most important:

Top Five Reasons To Be Vegan

1. It has the power to prevent the #1 cause of death in this country, heart disease.

2. It has the power to stop dead in its tracks, the obesity epidemic of our children.

3. It has the power to prevent the bankruptcy of our country’s health/disease care system.

4. It would stop the killing of billions of helpless, sentient animals for food, the same food which causes most of the food-borne illnesses and degenerative diseases in this country.

5. It would slow down significantly the pollution and destruction of our environment.

I’ll also add this quote which I love:

“Wildly overestimated: How hard it is to go vegan!
Wildly underestimated: How very much it matters!”

Ruth E. Heidrich, Ph.D., Ironman Triathlete
Author of A Race For Life, CHEF, Senior Fitness, & Lifelong Running

Hi Dr. Ruth!

Wow! This is so great- thank you so much for your words and time. I can’t wait to add all of this into my paper and share this with my class. I am so excited about sharing my paper with my class- I think it will hopefully open some minds to veganism : )

I appreciate your willingness and swiftness on getting back to my email- thank you so so much!!


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