Erectile Dysfunction: You’ll learn why pills are not the answer and how to prevent it or reverse it naturally with nothing but good side effects. How what you eat affects ED either positively or negatively. If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many different diets, each with their own gurus, you’ll find out the “how” and “why” most diets don’t work and find the one that really does work! How ED can be the first sign of developing heart disease and dementia, and how to reverse these as well.

What the experts are saying: This is a much needed book on the quality of sex and sex satisfaction. It is also an “evergreen“ book: good for both today and the future. The news media throws huge quantities of information at us on the misconduct, misuse and rampant abuse of sex in high positions obvious in the “me, too” movement, rape, abortion, separation and divorce but rarely any solutions.

As a physician scientist, a sex/libido consultant and practicing gynecologist for sixty-six years, I can attest this is a must-read book for everyone in our troubled society of today. Each chapter gives practical interesting facts on how to improve our health and sexual function for a happier ”us.”
Discussing diet, exercise, body image, erectile dysfunction, and aging, Dr. Ruth tells us how to heal ourselves as individuals and as a society for a better quality of sex and sexual function, fewer errant spouses, happier relationships, less divorce and improved family life.
This is a practical guide to better sex and total sexual fitness.

H. Lorrin Lau, MD, MPH
Harvard, The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine,
and the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

“Dr. Ruth gets to the meat of the matter, literally, when it comes to successfully tackling ED. There is no better prescription on the planet for erectile dysfunction than what you will discover in this book. Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra can’t even touch this! Skip the pharmacy line and follow Dr. Ruth’s advice for a better, more fulfilling sex life.”

Dustin Rudolph, PharmD
Author, The Empty Medicine Cabinet

“Are you one of the 18 million men who suffer from E.D.? If so, you need the
information in this book on how to reverse and cure it forever.
If you want to prevent it, here’s what you need to know to keep it from ever
happening to you!”

John McDougall, MD
Nationally Well-known Medical Doctor, Scientist, Author, and Speaker

  • Is ED due to just getting old?
  • How ED also affects women!
  • Why you can’t blame stress for your ED!
  • How to become a better lover in 30 days!
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